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Maps of Ukraine
Geographical, topographic, satellite, vector maps of continents, states and countries, islands, mountain systems, rivers, lakes, regions, districts, counties, lands, provinces, cities, territories, towns, suburbs, villages, resorts, boroughs and other outstanding objects worth your attention. At the moment the site was created all the maps were available at free sources. You do not need to come through the boring process of registration and account activation. All the maps presented on this site are absolutely FREE.

Afghanistan [AF] - map of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Armenia [AM] - map of Republic of Armenia*
Azerbaijan [AZ] - map of Azerbaijan Republic*
Bahrain [BH] - map of Kingdom of Bahrain
Bangladesh [BD] - map of People's Republic of Bangladesh
Bhutan [BT] - map of Kingdom of Bhutan
British Indian Ocean Territory [IO] - map of British Indian Ocean Territory - Chagos Islands
Brunei [BN] - map of Negara Brunei Darussalam
Cambodia [KH] - map of Kingdom of Cambodia
China [CN] - map of People's Republic of China
Christmas Island [CX] - map of Territory of Christmas Island. External territory of Australia***
Cocos Islands [CC] - map of Territory of Cocos (Keeling) Islands. External territory of Australia***
Cyprus [CY] - map of Republic of Cyprus*
East Timor [TL] - map of Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
Georgia [GE] - map of Republic of Georgia*
Guam [GU] - map of unincorporated insular Territory of Guam
Hong Kong [HK] - map of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
India [IN] - map of Republic of India
Indonesia [ID] - map of Republic of Indonesia
Iran [IR] - map of Islamic Republic of Iran
Iraq [IQ] - map of Republic of Iraq
Israel [IL] - map of State of Israel
Japan [JP] - map of Japan
Jordan [JO] - map of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Kazakhstan [KZ] - map of Republic of Kazakhstan
Kuwait [KW] - map of State of Kuwait
Kyrgyzstan [KG] - map of Kyrgyz Republic
Laos [LA] - map of Lao People's Democratic Republic
Lebanon [LB] - map of Lebanese Republic
Makau (Aomen) [MO] - map of Macau Special Administrative Region (Aomen)
Malaysia [MY] - map of Federation of Malaysia
Maldives [MV] - map of Republic of Maldives
Mongolia [MN] - map of Republic of Mongolia
Myanmar (Burma) [MM] - map of Union of Myanmar
Nepal [NP] - map of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
North Korea [KP] - map of Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Northern Mariana Islands [MP] - map of Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
Oman [OM] - map of Sultanate of Oman
Pakistan [PK] - map of Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Palau [PW] - map of Republic of Palau
Palestine [PS] - map of autonomous Palestinian National Authority
Philippines [PH] - map of Republic of the Philippines
Qatar [QA] - map of State of Qatar
Russia [RU] - map of Russian Federation**
Saudi Arabia [SA] - map of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Singapore [SG] - map of Republic of Singapore
South Korea [KR] - map of Republic of Korea
Sri Lanka [LK] - map of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
Syria [SY] - map of Syrian Arab Republic
Taiwan [TW] - map of Taiwan Province. Territories governed by the Republic of China
Tajikistan [TJ] - map of Republic of Tajikistan
Thailand [TH] - map of Kingdom of Thailand
Turkey [TR] - map of Republic of Turkey**
Turkmenia [TM] - map of Republic of Turkmenistan
UAE [AE] - map of United Arab Emirates
Uzbekistan [UZ] - map of Republic of Uzbekistan
Vietnam [VN] - map of Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Yemen [YE] - map of Republic of Yemen

* - Countries that are geographically relevant to Asia, but politically belong to Europe.
** - Countries that are partially situated in Asia.
*** - Countries that are geographically relevant to Asia, but politically belong to Australia and Oceania.

Physical Map of Asia

Map № 0008 Physical Map of Asia

The map shows the relief of the Earth, oceans, seas, some cities, large rivers, lakes, bays. Map language - Russian.

Political Map of Asia

Map № 0009 Political Map of Asia

The map shows seas, all countries in Asia, large cities, rivers, lakes, storage lake, highways. Map language - Russian.

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